Name:Gordon R. Fischer
Location:Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Gordon R. Fischer is a shareholder with the law firm Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave, P.C. in Des Moines. He previously served as law clerk to the Honorable Maynard J.V. Hayden of the Iowa Court of Appeals. Gordon is very happily married to Monica Seigel Fischer.

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The Best Prescription Weight Loss Pills

Obese people usually have more questions than answers. They are interested in supplements which are able to give the fastest results as well as in the best prescription weight loss pills. For thousands of people who need to get rid of unnecessary weight these are probably the most important questions. And the answers are not that easy as one may think.

Medications can lead to the most unexpected reactions for different people because all of us are different. The DNA makeup can be also very different. The best prescription weight loss pills may not necessarily be good for all obese people - some of them may really benefit while others may suffer from side effects. An interesting research was made on siblings to check the effects of caffeine on their bodies. As a result, one sibling stayed awake for a long period of time, could better focus on the projects. However, the other sibling could hardly feel such an effect of caffeine, even though these two persons are genetically similar. Similarly, while some weight loss pills are effective for me they may not be helpful to you.

There are two categories of weight loss supplements - "over the counter" and "prescription". The first category of supplements is not as closely regulated as the second one. Prescription pills contain ingredients that are not always medically tested for legal use. Even though prescription weight loss pills are used under a doctor's supervision, they are not necessarily safe. In the same way over the counter supplements can be dangerous as well. Just a few years ago ephedra products were banned by the FDA. The ephedra caffeine stack (containing ephedra and caffeine) was once the main supplement in the world of body building. It was considered safe until this product became known for its side effects for women.

It is really dangerous to use over the counter pills lose weight as they are not supervised by specialists. All the best prescription weight loss pills must be reviewed by the FDA for their effectiveness and safety. Unfortunately, the FDA isn't able to cope with all the new weight loss supplements available on the market today. It may take years before this or that supplement will be fully studied and analyzed for possible side effects. Choosing a diet supplement pay attention to note like "has not been evaluated by the FDA". Try to avoid these products. It is important to remember this when choosing between using supplements from this or that category.

Very often we are cheated because weight loss supplements and other health supplements are marked "natural". You should understand that this does not mean they are completely safe. For example, arsenic is a natural element that is considered "natural" but in reality it is a toxic poison. Arsenic is not safe to consume even if it is natural.

You can enjoy positive weight loss results with both prescription weight loss pills and over the counter pills. But be aware of the risks with using them. Ensure that you consult a doctor before using even the best prescription weight loss pills.